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Professor, writer, podcaster

Beaverbrook Chair of Media, Ethics & Communication and the founding director of Centre for Media, Technology and Democracy at McGill University. Host of the Big Tech and Screen Time podcasts.

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  1. They aren't even pretending anymore. "Policy brand marketing"??
  2. "No matter which side prevails, the true victor in any war is the person selling weapons to both sides."
  3. I'm going through old podcasts for a new project, and re-listened to this wonderful conversation with Johann Hari. His book really is great, and I loved talking to him. We opened with a discussion abo
  4. @noam is a Twitter follower migration tool in the works? As user base scales it would be a huge help.
  5. This is an odd framing by the @nytimes . The turmoil at Twitter is actually a pretty good demonstration of the need for online safety policy. And them scaling down in Canad
  6. Ok, my first Post. Since most of my feed seems to be people's dogs (not sure why), here is mine. Redford, guarding his land.

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