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  1. Mother Gargle Has No Joy

    (May 4, 1986) I am all for using public transportation, but somehow I don't see Gladys being fine with taking the bus. Seems like it would be beneath her even though she is definitely no better than anyone that takes the bus. For those who don't know, the joke goes "You're ugly/st
  2. Saturday Quickies

    (January 12, 1978) Is the chef's surprise just soup? There can't be much soup in that bowl, especially with a hockey puck in it. I don't even want to re-comment on this one. Just read the old post from 2021 .
  3. Wilberforce Isn't Going to Lose Brain Cells

    (January 10, 1978) She should've known better. Is that rain even going to make a dent in that hair? I've always been fascinated by men of the house having their own specific chair to sit in. I always thought it was weird but then I remember that my Grandpa always sat on one side o
  4. Cooking Mama

    (January 9, 1978) Glasses help you see, not make people look better. Mother Gargle isn't going to suddenly be pleasant and easy to look at just because you have glasses. Why can't Mother Gargle be pleasant? Who hurt her? From 2021 .
  5. Back to the Past

    (January 4, 1978) Who's letting Brutus give a speech? Maybe he just saw a podium and decided to do a bit or something. Ah, man. And Brutus just won one a couple weeks ago . Actually, we've entered a time hole and this comic is a rerun. Not just any rerun because it also ran in Novem
  6. Monday Quickies

    (January 3, 1978) It's probably for the best. It's kind of weird having an eight-year-old girl say a 40-year-old is handsome. I know it happens, it's just weird. Is that what that smell was? It was awful. Made me want to stay home. Might stay home tomorrow and Wednesday, too.
  7. Talkie Teddy

    (April 27, 1986) Welp, Wilberforce is dead. Hattie will be fine. She's a survivor. I'm assuming they are on a scout outing so why was no one watching them? Did they just dump a bunch of items on to a table, have the kids grab what they could and then released them into the wild? Ju
  8. (December 16, 1977) Literally: 👻 I was going to watch Rudolph the other day but it was blocked. I was going to watch it live so I don't know why it was blocked. Something about rights or something. Ok, but, again, I was going to watch it live--like if I had cable. I guess Gladys d
  9. Is Brutus Hitting On Veeblefester?

    If you read the comic strip Mutts , by the great Patrick McDonnell, you've been following the story of Guard Dog. Guard Dog is a dog that has been chained in his yard by his owners. While McDonnell has received pleas from readers to free Guard Dog, he has also received letters fro
  10. This Carpet Was Due for a Good Sweeping

    (November 12, 1977) Why are we spelling things? Is this the social studies part of third grade? 'Washington' isn't a word you put on a spelling test. Seriously, what are we talking about. Wilberforce is right to question. Oh, so now we're going to be shown how hard Gladys works at
  11. Brutus Hasn't Had a Deep Thought In Years

    (November 8, 1977) Grampa McGuigan. You got a problem with that? Now, what I want to know is is he actually named 'Grampa' or is he named 'Chester' and his family just jokingly calls him 'Grampa'? I think it's weird that being named Grampa is slightly more normal than being named W
  12. That Doesn't Look Like a Monstera Plant...

    (November 7, 1977) Hattie's pet skunk is allowed to be in people's houses? I wish I had a pet skunk. I wish the pet skunk was still around. Covering her mouth isn't necessarily going to make the sneezes quieter. My sneezes can be just as deafening whether or not I cover my mouth. I
  13. Tire Fire

    (October 31, 1977) This is why I just don't give people money. I'm not gonna loan you money but I will support you through goods and services. Being scammed was at least cheaper back then. I've never bought snow tires so I can't comment on this. We've also had the most snow for a N
  14. Even God Rested...

    (April 19, 1986) I have to admit that I like how snarky Art was toward church and the parson here. I'm sure most of the unfortunate would like to reverse their direction. Sadly, attending a church service, meditating, or singing a hymn doesn't help with that. You know what does?
  15. Is There a Different Topping On Each Piece?

    (October 29, 1977) Wasn't coffee up to about fifteen cents or even a quarter by 1978? It may have still been a dime in some places. Over Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law was talking about her run-in with some unhoused people in the park. When she mentioned one of them, my son, who w
  16. Black Friday '23

    (October 19, 1977) Let's be honest, Hattie's mom probably "lost" her so she could have a few minutes alone. Or, Hattie "lost" herself so she could get free ice cream. Hattie's not worried. She'll be fine. She'll survive. None of us ever had to deal with bumper-to-bumper traffic, f
  17. Mother Gargle Doesn't Like Fun

    (October 11, 1977) Then why am I paying you? It's funny (depressing) that no matter what scenario you imagine to make an insurance company terrible, no one is surprised and an insurance company has probably tried it. It's only a 7 hour drive, Brutus. But it's like celebrating the n
  18. Big Dinner? It's 4, Maybe 5 People

    (October 5, 1977) What does losing weight have to do with going to England? Because food portions are smaller? Because England is more walkable? Because you went to the ruins of castle and the stairs to the tower collapsed, trapping you without food for four days? Yes, sir! It's g
  19. You Just Leave That Creamer Out All Day?

    (August 23, 1977) I cannot play chess. I don't know how. And even if you tell me how to play as I'm playing it, I still wouldn't be any good at it. I never understand why people who are bad at chess always want to play. I don't play games unless I have reasonable assurance that I
  20. Chivalry Is Dead

    As you can see from my About Page and LinkTree , I am on just about every other social media company out there. Feel free to follow me on your preferred network or all of them. And, if you or someone you know would like a BlueSky invite code, I have an overabundance of them. Email

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