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Newly-minted Democrat

Rochester NY

I'm here to add my politically incorrect voice to the politically incorrect dialogue. I hate what the Tangerine Twit has done to this country. SU Newhouse grad. I once worked for the circus but don't want to see the country run by clowns.

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  1. For all the Top Secret intelligence Chump probably sold, he sure should be a helluva lot richer than he is. What a shitty businessman. Can't even sell our national secrets for a good price.
  2. Gag Order?

    I know there are people who wish Judge Chutkan had issued a gag order on Chump, but I'm pretty sure the March trial date already has him gagging :-)
  3. Maybe #DeathSantis didn't want to return to FL for the J'ville vigil or the hurricane because he was afraid it would make him look like a Governor, and he wants to look like a President.
  4. I like how a Chump lawyer on #FauxNews complained that it was hard to work on the documents case because, due to the CLASSIFIED nature of the documents, YOU NEED TO BE IN A SCIF WHEN YOU READ THEM. With lawyers like this, you don't need prosecutors.
  5. I am in no way condoning the kidnapping and murder of the American tourists in Matamoros. But I think we are pretty ballsy being outraged over Americans being shot in Mexico, when if it happened on the Texas side of the border it wouldn't even make the news.

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