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Wild Horse Advocate - Halt the Helicopter roundups!

Blue woman in hideously red Idaho, lover of God, animals and nature. Warm and sassy and willing to speak my mind. Amateur wildlife and nature photographer. Website tamijphotography . com soon to launch

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  1. Scooch over dang it!

    125 lb Greater Swiss Mtn dog with her stuffed puppy, 75 lb Old English Bulldog with an attitude, queen size bed. I might as well go sleep on the couch because I do not fit in the tiny space left for m
  2. I hope twitter gets to bankruptcy fast so the conservators can take over and fire Musk before twitter is lost forever.
  3. Helllllloooo Post!

    This is my very first post. (Ok it's actually my third because I messed up twice and deleted to repost) Thanks for welcoming me in. I'm loving the format and look forward to seeing Post grow. Meanw

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