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Creator, Player, Producer, Designer, Grandpa

I’ve loved music since I was little. I studied lots of creative disciplines. I never could spell. My creative approach is undisciplined. I’ve had careers in music and adverting. These days, I love working outside and continue to do what I like inside — write, record and release music with others and under several names. I maintain a small footprint in advertising. I still cannot spell. What’s a mother (grandfather) to do?

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  1. Never mind— if he continues to spend $200 on hamburders he won’t make it.
  2. We’ll be watching.
  3. By Angelina C Dsouza Ed Sheeran shares an old recording of him singing horribly and people love his 'humility and honesty' Nothing soothes better than soft, calming music and songs whose rhythm and lyrics fill the soul. Artists, who are the voices behind these wonderful creations,
  4. An experimental device developed by Cognito Therapeutics seeks to slow cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s patients using light and sound. By Emily Mullin New drugs for Alzheimer’s are finally coming onto the market after decades of failed attempts to slow its devastating progression.
  5. “Why did Saudi Arabia give Jared Kushner $2 billion—billion with a b—just months after he left the Trump White House?” By Bess Levin While testifying during a closed-door deposition about his business dealings on Wednesday, Hunter Biden had a question for Republicans, given their a
  6. (Reuters) -CVS and Walgreens, the two largest U.S. pharmacy chains, will start selling abortion pill mifepristone at stores in several states this month, drawing praise from President Joe Biden who has made access to abortion a key election campaign issue. The announcement Friday
  7. Canada-based Sandvine has long sold its web-monitoring tech to authoritarian regimes. This week, the US sanctioned the company, severely limiting its ability to do business with American firms. By Peter Guest When the Egyptian government shut down the internet in 2011 to give itsel
  8. National Pistachio Day is for enjoying pistachios and creates awareness about the health benefits pistachios provide. The nutrition-packed pistachio contains antioxidants like lutein, zeaxanthin, anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, and other flavonoids that support eye health, incre
  9. By Oliver Browning Nikki Haley believes she “has a duty” to challenge for the Republican presidential nomination, despite defeat to Donald Trump in the South Carolina primary. Addressing supporters on Saturday night (24 February), Ms Haley framed her candidacy as an alternative for
  10. By Jay Kuo Today I’m launching a new feature called the “Status Report.” Sometimes, there are big events in the news that, once we get past the initial “wow” or SMDH moment, demand a bit more attention. And as questions naturally arise, it makes sense to return to the story with a
  11. By: Kylie Madry MEXICO CITY (Reuters) -Huge crowds filled Mexico City's main square on Sunday in support of the nation's electoral authority, accusing President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of trying to weaken the body ahead of a presidential election in June. The protests, one of s
  12. By Ben Morse, CNN With its bright lights, big names and halftime shows, the Super Bowl has always been the biggest sporting ticket in the US. But even by Super Bowl’s standards, this year’s edition was a whole different ball game. Between the storylines on the field to those off it
  13. This 🤮 makes me want to 🤮 vomit.
  14. “There are overwhelming reasons why the case should not go to trial ‘in three months or less,’” Trump told the Supreme Court in a 16-page filing. “With any other defendant, it would be virtually unthinkable for the case to go to trial so soon, and ‘wildly unfair’ to do so.” 🤣 HAH
  15. Yeah, right!
  16. By Alex Woodward Two judges in separate courtrooms just minutes down the street from one another could deal serious blows to Donald Trump , his business and his campaign schedule this week. On Thursday, a judge in Manhattan criminal court will preside over a hearing that could set a

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