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  1. Jared Kushner had never been a diplomat — but he was named Trump’s envoy to the Middle East. Jared Kushner had never been an investor — but he was given $2 billion to invest for the Saudis. Jared is 100% unqualified — except for nepotism. Jared is the real “Hunter Biden.”
  2. Dr. Justin Frank: "In my opinion, Trump's incessant, word-salad repetition reflects chronic substance abuse or impending dementia, which is consistent with the blank eyes."
  3. WOW!!! 5 years ago. Every fear I had about Kavanaugh and the direction of this Supreme Court has come true. Kavanaugh turning his back on me when he heard my daughter was murdered in Parkland, & then lying about it, should have told us everything we needed to know about him.
  4. Congratulations @brotherjones_ and @Justinjpearson who were reelected after being expelled from the TN House for their peaceful protest, alongside, now Senate candidate @VoteGloriaJ! Another bit of justice on arraignment day! Now let's be sure #Ohio votes NO on Issue 1!
  5. The states were chosen because they either are on the migration path of monarch butterflies, are in the Corn Belt where pesticides are heavily used or have a large presence of industrial farms that raise animals for consumption. #Nature #Health #Science
  6. "No wife or sons or daughters by his side. Just an old man alone." #J6 #Arraignment #Trump #Democracy #Politics #Republicans #GOP #Election2024 #Justice [Screen Shot]
  7. I love this
  8. The power of positive thinking…
  9. Gerrymandering is affirmative action for white Republicans
  10. Per @atrupar : "It is not the fault of the FBI that Donald Trump surrounded himself with criminals" -- brilliant line of questioning here from Ted Lieu highlighting how a range of Trump staffers were convicted by a DOJ overseen by Trump staffers
  11. 🚨BREAKING: DC Bar recommends Ruby Giuliani be DISBARRED. "He claimed massive election fraud but had no evidence of it.
  12. I have to admit that I was amphibicurious, when I was in grade school. It didn't croak redeep anything lasting. Let kids learn about the glorious diversity of human, and other life around us, you short-sighted bigots.
  14. The number of people who apparently went to a billionaire's home and didn't consider it weird that he had a room dedicated to Nazi mementos is frightening.

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