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Lover of books and reading in general; lover of all thinks animal; lover of all things science. Most of all, love my autistic adult son who spreads sunshine everywhere he goes. My gift from God.

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  1. Associated Press: U.S. economy grew at an unexpectedly strong 3.2% annual pace from July through September.
  2. Kari Lake asks crowd to pray for attorneys who could get sanctioned. She knows, before the lawsuit is over, that her lawyers could get sanctioned for it. That means she KNOWS her lawsuit is frivolous.
  3. When you hear about inflation, most places will use the annual rate, which is 7.1%. But that doesn't convey an accurate picture of what's been happening with prices over the last several months. Since
  4. Thank you, Dr. Fauci - posting here after what happened on that other site.
  5. I've done a lot of stupid shit in my life but I never poured gasoline all over 44 billion dollars and set it the fuck on fire
  6. A shocker that Mark Meadows provided a false and incomplete account of the 2020 post-election period in his book? Perhaps not. But someone had to note that the newly released Meadows texts show that h

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