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Author, book coach, editrix, grandma, soccer fan. Trying to keep up.

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  1. May your day be merry and bright. (And delicious.)
  2. Cheers!
  3. Happy Winter Solstice.
  4. Thank you for the breakdown!
  5. Happy Indictment Eve to all who celebrate.
  6. Inching away from the bird and creeping into this group for news and thought-provoking commentary. Let the disinformation junkies stay with Elon and echo their way to hell.
  7. Amen.
  8. This is Jaxx. (Or as we sometimes call him, Big Head).
  9. I’m in!

    Posting here, tweeting there , tooting in the other place. Oh, and buzzing in the hive. Why do I feel like all these platforms are contestants in a last format standing show.

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