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  1. Big surprise 😂
  2. Summer storm about to hit
  3. For anyone with Long Covid, this research paper is one to read and to share with your GP. #longcovid
  4. Dropped the teen at the Arctic Monkeys concert last night and took the opportunity to play tourist in our city 📷
  5. Cannot wait for this!
  6. So happy to see this article in the NY Times. Teaching the skills of media and information literacy (core business for teacher librarians) is crucial to fighting misinformation. Another reason the att
  7. After reading this, I’m even more convinced that Gen Z will save us The frightened, ignorant people trying to restrict access to books won’t win.
  8. Hearing about the tragic shooting of a young teacher in Virginia by a young student, I’m reminded of this poem. Unfortunately, it seems as relevant as ever.
  9. The humiliation of Kevin claims top spot on Australia’s news sites with his tenth straight defeat.
  10. Hahaha 🤣
  11. Today I learned about the Sad Beige Baby thing thanks to my 17yo. The TikTok Gen don’t miss with their hilarious observations #aesthetic #sadbeigebaby 😂
  12. This sparks joy
  13. Just saw a clip of a woman deep in the world of Qanon, raging about the unfulfilled promises of Q. It’s beyond sad. Got me wondering again, who is benefiting from this mass indoctrination? What’s the
  14. Hearing about the sub zero temperatures thanks to the polar vortex. While in Sydney, summer has finally arrived and it’s swimming weather. How are Post-ers in the northern hemisphere coping with the e
  15. Glad I popped over to the dying bird just now to block some ads. I would’ve missed this otherwise. Not sure who this Jackson Hinkle is, but he needs to learn that you shouldn’t come for Australians 😊
  16. While it might seem unimportant, this is anything but. Freedom of access to information and the freedom to choose the information you read is the core business of libraries. It’s also a human right ac
  17. He’s here! 👏🏻
  18. Time to share some holiday reading 📚 Suggestions welcome! #read #librariansofPost
  19. For those Post-ers in the northern hemisphere, here's how the Australian ABC news site is covering the Jan 6 hearings today
  20. Great to see so many accounts I followed on the bird popping up here 👏🏻 @atrupar @george @therealhoarse @victorshi

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