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  1. 6 Dos and Don’ts of Ordering Oysters, According to Pro Shuckers

    By Kelsey Mulvey Savory, salty, and downright slurpable, very few bites can beat a dozen oysters served on the half shell. Although chowing down on oysters is a dream for most seafood lovers, it should be done with care. At the risk of sounding dramatic, one false slurp can leave
  2. Disneyland Is Spending $2 Billion on New Rides, Hotels, and More—Here’s What to Know 

    By Kara Peeler The Happiest Place on Earth has ambitious plans to expand. The Anaheim City Council unanimously voted in favor of DisneylandForward on Tuesday, pushing the 40-year proposal one step ahead. Though it’s still subject to a final vote, it seems likely the fan-favorite v
  3. These Are the Best Mother’s Day Gifts to Give This Year

    By Sarah Yang t’s time to start thinking about Mother’s Day (which is on May 12 this year in case you didn’t know). So what are you getting your mom, grandma, or mother figure in your life? There are plenty of gifts to impress them, no matter their hobbies, passions, or preference
  4. How to Do Moab, According to an Outdoor Adventure Guide

    By Krista Simmons Sunset’s Insider Guide series highlights seasonal diversions and secret travel tips from local experts. Meet the Insider: Whitney Saggboy, General Manager, Wild West Voyages Location: Moab, Utah Whitney Saggboy is a proud born-and-raised Moabite. Growing up as a Nav
  5. These Apps Will Help You Become a Better Gardener

    By Kara Peeler Whether you want to set up a springtime garden or explore edible plants —or even just test the waters with houseplants —the prospect of becoming a plant parent can be intimidating. Luckily, there are countless handy apps that hold the answers. Getting started doesn’t
  6. This Oakland Kitchen’s Makeover Was Inspired by the Homeowner’s Late Mother

    By Sarah Yang This kitchen renovation in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom Oakland condo seemed like it was meant to be. Designer Gina Gutierrez of Gina Rachelle Design had met her future client, Allison, at a New Year’s Eve outing and had given out her business card. Not too long after
  7. These Least Visited, Under-the-Radar National Parks Deserve a Spot on Your Bucket List

    By Krista Simmons The nine-day celebration known as National Park Week , toasting our country’s 400+ designated national park sites, is upon us. The event, which runs from April 20 to April 28, celebrates wildlands of different shapes and sizes with various events and activations t
  8. These Stunning Hotels Offer Easy Access to the Great Outdoors

    By Krista Simmons It’s a great time to be an outdoors enthusiast. Gone are the days where you had to be a member of the 10th Mountain Division to be able to experience the vast beauty of the West . Now, newly opened nature-adjacent offerings are making it easier for everyone from s
  9. Trader Joe’s April New Product Lineup Was Made for People with a Sweet Tooth

    By Sarah Yang Feeling like you’re in a grocery/meal prep rut? A trip to Trader Joe’s is always a good solution. You can count on the grocer to have new, interesting, and buzzy items to fill your cart and try. The latest lineup of new products from TJ’s for the month of April is hea
  10. A Natural Disaster Happens While You’re Traveling? Here’s What to Do

    By Kelsey Mulvey When it comes to traveling, bad things come in threes—trust me, I should know. Over the past three years, I’ve had three idyllic staycations in Northern California thwarted by unexpected outages. (Two of them were understandable results of high winds, heavy rain ,
  11. These Maximalist Renter-Friendly Room Transformations Are Taking Over TikTok

    By Kara Peeler Pops of color define Amanda Poe’s eclectic San Francisco apartment. Hot pink and teal dominate her living room, which is decorated with quirky decor like dangling twinkle lights and a houseplant growing from a corn-on-the-cob vase. Bedroom walls feature vibrant mult
  12. How to Make the Perfect Bed, According to Hospitality Pros

    By Christine Lennon Katie Labourdette-Martinez and Olivia Wahler of Hearth Homes Interiors know a thing or two about setting up a cozy bedroom. For the past seven years, they’ve been employing their cozy-coastal aesthetic in Santa Barbara homes and properties in need of TLC, like
  13. You’ll Never Guess Which Home Improvement Project Will Increase Your Home’s Value the Most

    By Sarah Yang Any type of renovation or remodeling project will add some value to your home, and can be an upgrade to your lifestyle. (A bigger bathroom would make getting ready a lot easier and solve storage problems, that’s for sure!) But of course, not all renovations are the s
  14. Soon We’ll Have Two Newly Expanded National Monuments (And They’re Easy to Get to)

    By Krista Simmons President Joe Biden has been restoring many of the protected parklands that President Obama designated during his terms, starting with the The Camp Hale-Continental Divide National Monument in Western Colorado in 2022. And now, he’s set to expand two national mon
  15. Picnic-Ready Recipes You’ll Be Making All Spring

    By Kara Peeler Spring has sprung! It’s time to feel the sunshine on your face and soak up the sounds of nature. But every outdoor outing needs quality food to treat your tastebuds while spending time with friends. This spring , we’re embracing fresh, seasonal ingredients that are e
  16. This Common Pantry Staple Will Save Your Spring Garden

    By Kristin Guy It’s the start of seedlings and transplant season in most of our gardens, and with every new plant comes hope, excitement… and inevitably some hiccups. Learning to grow, well anything, is a constant state of learning and experimentation—gardens keep us humble, ya’ll
  17. How to Have a Perfect Beachy Weekend in La Jolla, According to a Local Surfing Instructor

    By Krista Simmons Sunset’s Insider Guide series highlights seasonal diversions and secret travel tips from local experts. Meet the Insider: Izzy Tihanyi, CEO and Co-Owner, Surf Diva, Inc. Location: La Jolla, California Izzy Tihanyi started surfing when she was just eight years old. H
  18. Checkered Showers Are Currently Having a Moment (and There’s a Practical Reason Why)

    By Kelsey Mulvey Bathrooms have been long regarded as the ultimate sanctuary ; a restful respite to brush your teeth, take a shower, and perfect your multi-step skincare routine . So, we tend to decorate our bathrooms to match those chill vibes—be it with soothing solids, a palette
  19. This Is How Much You Need to Make If You Want to Buy a House in 2024

    By Sarah Yang To no surprise to anyone, you’re gonna have to make more money to afford a house in 2024. Two new studies completed by Bankrate and Zillow, looked at the income needed to comfortably afford a home and found that most Americans will need an annual income of over $100,
  20. This Luxurious Travel Trailer Has Better Interior Style Than Most Homes

    By Sarah Yang Travel trailers have come a long way in terms of style and function. Some might even have better interior design than most homes. Take for example, this high-style trailer designed by Susan Weiss, interior designer and founder of Denver/Bozeman-based Emerson Bailey . T

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