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Progressive G-Ma & pet lover. 4th Degree Master in Taekwondo.

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  1. For all you dog lovers and anyone who needs a pick me up. Have 🤧 handy (gifted) #dogs
  2. Go in and cheer the King, he rages, none Dare come about him.
  3. Enter Puck.

    It took a lot of treats, but I was successful in getting half-way decent photos! Meet Fronz (short for Fronzilla) and Buddy the Wonder Dog! They're both such good boys #DogsofPost #Fronz #buddy #dogs
  5. The Brett Favre stealing money scandal The Matt Gaetz underage sex scandal Jared Kushner just randomly receiving $2,000,000,000 from the Saudis, for... all his good work or something? The 5 to 15 (can't
  6. The courageous gay nephew of Rep. Vicky Hartzler, who cried against #marriageequality on the U.S. House floor, was put through conversion therapy by his family at the age of 14. Then Andrew Hartzler wa
  7. It's raining teddy bears!! #Portland #winterhawks #hockey
  8. X is still awesome! Great show with Los Straightjackets #1977 #punk #oldschool #Portland #oregon #RevolutionHall
  9. Best. Salad bar. Ever. Log Cabin Pancake House, Gatlinburg, Tennessee #PostPlaces
  10. Stop hate
  11. Ending the year seeing X tonight with Los Straightjackets! Pretty excited #EndoftheYear
  12. Because she's awesome
  13. Love them so much 🤣
  14. O, there has been much throwing about of brains.
  15. I love my state
  16. It appears that the diploma mill for arm chair epidemiologists turned weapon experts, turned American history scholars, turned gender studies, turned K-12 curriculum authorities, turned climate scient
  17. When your parents told you to "go to your room and think about what you've done" it was actually perfect practice for what you'd end up doing every night as an adult.
  18. “I was on my usual running path when I heard an older man yelling loudly enough for me to hear through my headphones. "Sexy lady, hey hey hey sexy lady!" He kept screaming it and I decided to just ign

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