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Laurie Brookins


Fan of Fashion, Film, Baseball and Democracy.

New York/South Florida/Detroit

Freelance Journalist. Survivor of one of the many (failed) Trump magazines. I have and tell stories.

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  1. What's Paris Really Like This Week?

    30-second review of the current state of Paris: Don't believe the alarmist news stories about riots, at least not in the center of Paris, where tourism continues uninterrupted. I haven't seen a single incident, the vibe is as usual. A friend who lives here said everything is happ
  2. Check out this stunning tiara at the De Beers high-jewelry presentation today, crafted in titanium and platinum with beautifully matched faceted and rough diamonds — we can totally picture Rihanna wearing this, yes? #Paris #Fashion #Diamonds #PFW #ParisFashionWeek
  3. A Barons de Rothschild Blanc de Blanc at the bar at Le Meurice in Paris, because it’s one of my favorite places on Earth and so why not? #Paris #ParisFashionWeek #HauteCouture #PFW
  4. After zero movement for more than 12 hours over at “Rate limit exceeded,” deleting the bird app from my phone, because why bother?
  5. heaps and piles of ruin.
  6. I arrived in Paris just in time for Twitter to become utterly useless, so I’ll be posting news here from the upcoming haute-couture and high-jewelry presentations. If red-carpet fashion and enormous diamonds are your jam, follow along! (There’s sure to be occasional snarky commen
  7. Adele's couture tour continues during her Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace; last night and tonight, she wears custom Giorgio Armani Privé, a black velvet gown with open shoulders, black and silve
  8. Two women presiding over a joint session of Congress. Yes.
  9. "Greatest Films" Pet Peeve ...

    Recency bias in "greatest films" lists just bugs me, because classic films always get cheated. The list Variety released today is further proof; pre-1950 movies really get shortchanged ... And in case
  10. Majority of New Yorkers this morning as news grows re TFG lying about his tax returns being under audit: We tried to tell you. We tried many, many times to tell you who he is and that he lies as easil
  11. Almost two years later, listening and watching, amazing how easy it is to still be filled with complete and utter fury at what that lying, traitorous criminal tried to get away with, and how vital it
  12. Adele in Las Vegas …

    Adele continues to highlight stunning French haute couture during her #WeekendsWithAdele concert series in Las Vegas — this past weekend it was Nina Ricci and the first gown designed by Harris Reed fo
  13. So, basically, Twitter is now just Parler Lite? Thanks to the Post crew for your hard work. The vibe here is relaxed and welcome. It’s appreciated.
  14. An abundance of fantastic fashion at tonight’s #Babylon premiere in LA — here’s the wonderful Jean Smart in a black crepe midi gown with embroidered cape sleeves from Pamella Roland’s Resort 2023 coll
  15. Connected with Aaron Rupar. He should have an account up and running here by tomorrow.
  16. This is getting out of hand quickly.
  17. Looking here tonight for the journalists Musk has outrageously purged, including Aaron Rupar and Drew Harwell, but the search function is not cooperating. Anyone else having the same problem? Or perha
  18. Michelle Obama’s style on her book tour is just *chef’s kiss* — here she’s wearing custom Marine Serre, a brand that focuses on regenerated and upcycled pieces, which is true of her black top with sil
  19. At tonight’s New York premiere of #IWannaDanceWithSomebody , star Naomi Ackie wore Schiaparelli haute couture, a dress crafted of 21,950 Swarovski stones and crystal shades and 212,500 silver glass bea

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