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Always learning. Staying curious.

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Interested in clean energy technologies, universal health care. Favorite Quote: "Let the data do the talking"

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  1. Chevy Silverado EV: Charging Forward To A Future Where 200 Kilowatt Hour (kWh) Battery Packs Become The Standard For Electric Vehicles

    The Chevy Silverado EV is the first traditional pick-up truck featuring a 200-Kilowatt hour battery pack. 🔋 Peak power capacity of 375 HP (510 kW) 🛣️ Driving range of 400 miles 🚜 Towing capacity of 10,000 pounds By 2030, thanks to decreasing costs and advancements in lithium-ion batte
  2. Mainstream Deployment of Climate Technologies

    When it comes to climate technologies, deployment is cool! Similar to Apple’s famous 2008 ad for the iPhone, "There is an app for that," with climate technologies there is a solution for that. We can expect these climate solutions to get iteratively better for years (like the iPho
  3. Trump bragging, saying he is the guy who repealed Roe vs Wade will not be forgotten. Biden campaign will turn comments into ads across battleground states with women’s rights to abortion being a top issue in 2024 election.

    “And last year I was able to do something that nobody thought was possible,” Trump said. “And you have to really think about this, study this, because it’s very important, we ended Roe v. Wade . I did something that for 52 years people talked, they spent vast amounts of money in f
  4. CNN has become the K-Mart of news networks. Where is John King on election night??
  5. Political Polling Is Irreparably Broken

    Political polling is broken. People who complete surveys aren’t representative of population. “In the realm of research, certain biases can significantly impact the validity of the findings, one of which is nonresponse bias. This occurs when the individuals or groups who particip
  6. Messi sharing how he sets his own goals.

    “I fought for my dreams,” Messi said. “At first, it was to be a professional player. Then, I tried to surpass myself and achieve new goals every year.”
  7. Here is a Great Christmas playlist for you Grunge Fans out there. Cheers!
  8. Nearly 700,000 miles of coast lines across the world to build off-shore wind farms like this one. #offshorewind

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