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I believe that digital technology can make things better for everyone. Runner, Photographer, DIY Nut, Tech Lover, Reader, Dad. Passionate about sustainability.

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  1. Yay it came… my latest vinyl purchase. Released today. #Gorillaz It’s the first picture disc I’ve bought for years!!!
  2. This place is so cool. #EV charging station at Stretford near Manchester It’s a #MFG 8 bay 150kw charging station.
  3. Out & About again...

    All of a sudden I'm doing lots of travelling again. Since Christmas I've spent a lot more time in the car / on trains! I'm wondering if this is the same for others too? And do you think it's a good use
  4. Bye Bye Google Stadia :-(

    #GoogleStadia closes on the 18th January and I think it's a shame. It was a brave move from Google to try something new and I think the gaming world will look back on Stadia as a proof point the strea
  5. Back to work with a bang!

    The first couple of weeks back at work have been crazy busy. It seems everyone has come back from their holidays wanting to meet, chat, and plan stuff. Bring it on :-)
  6. Last day of work for a few days - I can't wait. Family Time, lay-ins, presents, food, and friends... and maybe a drink or two :-)
  7. I’m spending the day with some super smart NHS folks to discuss the opportunities for delivering more sustainable solutions in healthcare. Should be a great day.
  8. So happy to be here :-) I love the idea and can't wait to see how things develop and how I can contribute.

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