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  1. New post: on exposition and storytelling #writing
  2. Last year, I decided that 2022 was going to be my year of 100 ventures. That was insanely ambitious, and I'm not sure if I came close, but it has been an adventurous year. And I'm not done yet.
  3. I think.. I want to write a play this year.
  4. For instance, what does a #threadapalooza equivalent look like on here - any ideas, anyone?
  5. A newsletter review

    You know what? It's been almost exactly one year since I started my #substack . It feels appropriate to do a short review of my most popular posts. Even though the output has been sporadic, I'm proud of
  6. Feeling decidedly hazy on what kinds of posts will work on here. It's different to what I'm used to on 🐦 where either short punchy one-offs or meandering assemblies in threads generally work ok. Here
  7. My first post in a while. On dark mysteries, motivation, maths, and theatre.
  8. This is the greatest artwork in history.
  9. Hands up if you're an exceptionally earnest nerd 🙌
  10. #introductions I'm new here. Not sure yet what I'm doing here, so perhaps I'll do a re-introduction when I figure it out. I work in research data science at a neurotech startup. Views are my own, etc.
  11. What ho!

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