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London, UK

A nouveau Cockney that thinks about new technologies. Generalist, left-of-centrist, not a futurist. I write a weekly newsletter collecting stories about digital technology, social media, and online pop culture.

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  1. Pulitzer ready for testing! An update from Noam's post earlier - MFA is now available. If you set it up, you will have to log in using only Pulitzer moving forward. You won't be able to log into since only Pulitzer supports MFA. All of your data will be available on bot
  2. Apple’s Reality Pro sounds like it does almost exactly everything Meta’s Quest Pro already does. The major difference is, it will do it all better. One interesting thing from the report: The headset’s
  3. I think the idea of a trust metric is a sound one.
  4. I asked ChatGPT for a visual description of Mona Lisa, then used the result as a prompt for Midjourney. This is the result: Typical image generator finger weirdness, but otherwise a pretty satisfying r
  5. The gradual, then sudden improvement of #AI image generators in just 8 years. From low-res simple black and white in 2014 (already an impressive achievement in itself!) to high quality complex colour s
  6. The most interesting #book I read this year was The Man Who Invented Motion Pictures, by Paul Fischer. A history of the invention of the movie camera, an illustration of how #innovation rarely involve
  7. Movies I watched on Netflix this week, in order of how much I liked them: Glass Onion The Wonder Pinocchio The Good Nurse Lou I Came By
  8. DC #Superheroes in Classic #Art (as imagined by #Midjourney ). Michaelangelo’s Superman . Rembrandt’s The Justice League . Caravaggio’s Batman fighting the Joker #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #ImageGenerators
  9. Planning and launching a social networking site in 2022 should begin with the safety of its users before considering anything else.
  10. How successful are branded #Roblox experiences? Lots of #brands have launched experiences on Roblox in the last 18 months or so; some to catch the #metaverse hype, some for experimentation, and some wi
  11. The Tech Landscape #278

    I write a weekly newsletter called The Tech Landscape , which collects stories about digital technology, social media, and online culture. You can read the latest issue here; if it speaks to you, perha
  12. Forget everything else for a few minutes, this is always the media highlight of the year.
  13. Since Twitter is shutting down Revue , I’m moving my #EmailNewsletter to Substack . If you want a weekly curated collection of what’s going on in #DigitalTechnology , #SocialMedia , and #OnlineCulture , th
  14. The latest Instagram feature drop is hilarious for highlighting how many social apps Instagram is trying to take on at once; Notes (Twitter) Candid ( BeReal ) Group Profiles (Discord) Collaborative Collec
  15. #Midjourney is currently testing a major update to its #AI model. Version 4 improves image quality and semantic comprehension; so as you can see in this comparison, it not only looks better, it also b
  16. This is a funny thing to see in Chrome on Android, @feedback .
  17. Post feels more Tumblr than Twitter.
  18. It snowed in London last night. I woke up to this.

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