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  1. California judge shoots down Eastman bid to postpone disbarment proceedings #Politics #USPolitics #California #CaliforniaPolitics #Law #Legal #Justice #JohnEastman #Disbarment
  2. Words I love to hear: Indictments returned, Fulton County, Trump election tampering investigation.
  3. 1994 MARVEL #comic #magazine BARBIE Barbie is taking over the Earth (one movie theater at a time), and now she has her eyes set on the MOON. She kicked out the Man in the Moon, and has recently taken up residency. Bow down to our QUEENπŸ˜‚ Next stop ALPHA CENTAURI!!! #PopCulture #vin
  4. Well Hillary Clinton picked a perfect time to do an interview. She says she’s sad. I’m sorry she’s sad. But count me among those who are not sad.
  5. He's so cute!
  6. So he is into vampires?
  7. Republicans: β€˜WE DEMAND A SPECIAL COUNSEL TO INVESTIGATE HUNTER BIDEN!!’ The Department of Justice: β€œWe have appointed a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden. Republicans: β€˜THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!’ π‘Œπ‘œπ‘’ π‘π‘Žπ‘›β€™π‘‘ π‘šπ‘Žπ‘˜π‘’ π‘‘β„Žπ‘–π‘  π‘ β„Žπ‘–π‘‘ 𝑒𝑝 π‘“π‘œπ‘™π‘˜π‘ .
  8. The leading candidate for the Republican nomination for President has already successfully incited violence in his name. What he wants more than anything, is to see it happen again. He wants more blood spilled. β€œFor him.” And once again, the entirety of his cult of a party is helping
  9. I wrote a thing: "holy shit, these Federalist Society lawyers want to 14th Amendment the fuck out of Donald Trump." thanks for reading, and please do sign up for my newsletter to keep getting the good stuff β€”
  10. 1975 #celebrity photo GEORGIA ENGEL (Georgette Baxter) TED KNIGHT (Ted Baxter) The 1975 wedding photo of Ted Baxter and Georgette, from the classic TV sitcom "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" #PopCulture #vintage #70s #nostalgia #nostalgic #1970s #classicTV #70sTV #1970sTV
  11. β€œIt is pretty clear the goal of many in the GOP is just to use these prosecutors as a political distraction, and they don’t care that people voted for them, because those are Black and brown voters.”
  12. Did you notice this week when Donald Trump spread crude, racist lies about Fani Willis’s sex life? Or when he demeaned Chris Christie as a β€œ fat pig ”? What about when he called Andrew Gillum a β€œ crackhead ,” or put words in the mouths of military leaders portraying them as secretly
  13. With the stroke of their pens, six unelected Supreme Court justices blocked student debt relief, ended affirmative action, and made it easier to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people What happened to the belief that the Supreme Court had no role in legislating?
  14. What is wrong with people??

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