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  1. Donald Trump, expectation: I'll PAY YOUR LEGAL FEES! Donald Trump, reality: I need you to pay my $642,000,000 legal fees.
  2. Republicans suddenly outraged by ethical concerns and the alleged unprofessionalism of someone in office having an affair is absolutely hilarious shit but will most certainly pale in comparison to the sheer awesome level of staggering hypocrisy Newt Gingrich will no doubt produce
  3. Thoughts and Prayers finally worked yesterday during the shooting at Joel Osteen's Mega Church. The money was unharmed.
  4. Somewhere right now, Kevin McCarthy is drinking Boone's Farm straight from the bottle and making the jerk-off hand gesture towards his TV set.
  5. Ironic, isn't it? How the "A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats" crowd refuses to work with Biden to fix America's various completely manageable problems because it might lift up people they don't like and make EVERYBODY look good?
  6. As a general rule of democracy: Don't vote for people who thought they might need a presidential pardon following a violent insurrection that attempted to overthrow your democracy.
  7. January 6th is the day we all get together as Americans and say with one voice: Trump lost.
  8. Headlines today like "Ron DeSantis battles for Iowa!" I kept trying to think up a punchline, then I realized that's it. That's the whole joke right there.
  9. Can we really know the true causes of the Civil War until a billionaire owner of a social media platform retweets an unhinged conspiracy theory from a prominent political candidate quoting a notoriously antisemitic rap artist?
  10. I don't get it.

    This should have been published on Christmas day, but for some reason Post "previews" some posts and just publishes others straightaway. This is dozenth or so time I thought I published something on this platform, only to come back a day later and find it's still sitting in previ
  11. Man, I hope Katie Couric never asks Nikki Haley what she reads.
  12. Merry Christmas and here's some holiday colors ho ho ho. See you tomorrow.
  13. As a general rule of democracy: If your choice is between two candidates, one of whom called veterans "losers" and US war dead "suckers" and who repeatedly shit on America's POWs, you should definitely vote for the other guy.
  14. Headlines this morning: Biden's polls number continue to fall despite surging economy! Don't listen to the polls. Don't listen to the Pundits. You want a better nation? You got to be a better citizen. Show up and you can win. New essay up on Stonekettle Station:
  15. Remember a couple years ago when "Would you kill baby Hitler?" was the big question on social media? And people agonized over the morality of their answer? Well, unless science invents a time machine and you're tapped for the mission, you probably don't have to worry about it. But
  16. As a general rule of democracy: If one candidate is selling scam NFT trading cards of himself as an astronaut, a soldier, any Founding Father, a deity or any alleged offspring of said deity, and/or various musclebound superheroes replete with eagles, flags, and automatic weapons,
  17. In Texas, practicing medicine without a license is a 3rd degree felony punishable by 2-10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Ken Paxton is practicing medicine in Texas without a license.
  18. New 2024 Calendar: Dragonflies Available in my store:
  19. As a general rule of democracy: Vote for people who will work to ensure the poor have the same rights, liberty, and justice before the law as the wealthy. Corollary: A rising tide lifts all boats. Which is good news for those who can afford a seat on the boat. No so great if you'r
  20. As a general rule of democracy: Don't vote for the guy who proudly declares he'll be a dictator starting on Day One.

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