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The Info Gov Guy™

Steve Weissman is Principal Consultant at Holly Group, where he helps you Do Information Right™ by bringing order and discipline to your information and process practices. Known as The Info Gov Guy™, he has spent the past 25+ years equipping clients to better their ability to find, leverage, secure, and assure their business-critical information – and to solve the “people” part of the puzzle as well. Honored as an AIIM Fellow, a recipient of AIIM’s prestigious Award of Merit, and as an inaugural inductee of the Information Governance Hall of Honor, he is best reached at / 617-383-4655 / @steveweissman.

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  1. Hey, do you know why pitchers and catchers report first to #springtraining ? Because there'd be an awful lot of passed balls if they didn't! #redsox #mlb #todaystheday
  2. The #RedSox are starting to look like an expansion team, what with all their newest players having come from other organizations. Just sayin' ...
  3. New post! An uncertain economy doesn't make Infogov shine, but it oddly can help by pushing it to the top of management’s To-Do list. > #economy #governance #infogov #informationmanagement #informati
  4. Ask “How can I help?” When Fostering Change

    We as information professionals are used to being faced with skepticism as we try to foster change. Here's 95 seconds on the value of the phrase “How can I help?” as you seek to Do Information Right™.
  5. Red Sox Planning 4 in the Outfield?

    Can't help feeling that, having now stockpiled all these outfielders, the #RedSox are planning to go without a second baseman and play four in the outfield instead

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