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  1. Poland continues to beef up military, signs deal to buy 2nd Round of US Abrams. Doubt this is what Russia expected.
  2. GOP humiliating sh*t show

    Speaker Pelosi went to Taiwan. GOP can't a find a speaker. Democrats need to vote & flip more states & rescue the Republicans from embarrassment
  3. Chinese J-11 flies less than 20 feet from US RC-135 Rivet Joint reconnaissance plane in international air space.
  4. How difficult is it to leave teenage girls alone? Or not praising Hitler? I spend 0 energy not doing these things. None whatsoever. Damn.
  5. Romanian anti-terrorism units arrested Andrew Tate for human trafficking. Dude's a psychopath
  6. Zelensky:

    I want to thank our fighters of the Air Force, the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces, who successfully repelled another Russian attack today. 54 missiles and 11 attack drones were shot down. Our soldiers th
  7. Twitter runs like a Yugo 😄
  8. RuzZian gas exports down 46 percent, lowest since beginning of century

    The volume of Russian gas exports to non-CIS countries reached the lowest level in more than 20 years - Bloomberg. The agency cites the data announced earlier by the head of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller
  9. Trouble in the bird house...
  10. Now: Twitter ranks #1 on Downdetector. Finally, elon musk succeeded at being #1 at something at Twitter
  11. National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) reports receipt of 120 Billion USD in Miliary and Humanitarian aid in 2022 from partner countries.

    The total amount of official financial, military and humanitarian assistance of partner countries announced and provided to Ukraine in 2022 exceeded $120 billion, according to the report of the Nation
  12. The revenge of history in Ukraine: a year of war has shaken up the world order
  13. Belarusian Volunteers fighting against Russia

    Belarusian volunteers from different units fighting in Ukraine against Russia created the "Belarusian Volunteer Corps". The goal is the de-occupation of Ukraine and Belarus.
  14. It's no wonder Zelensky stuns the whole world.
  15. Santa flies over Ukraine, evades Russian missiles
  16. While Putin has hid since the invasion like a coward...
  17. Pope Francis says greed causes Russia to swallow its neighbors in Christmas speech

    Pope Francis refers to Russia Ukraine war in his Christmas Sermon today Pope Francis again mentioned the war in Ukraine. The Pontiff built his pre-Christmas sermon around the theme of greed and thir
  18. US calls for Sanctions against Bulgarian official for cooperation with Russia.

    US calls for sanctions against Bulgarian Prosecutor General for corruption and cooperation with Russians The U.S. House of Representatives has called on the U.S. Treasury Department to impose sanctio
  19. Dark Mode on Android is easy

    Everyone with Anroid, you don't have to wait for dark mode. Just go to settings>about then tap on "build" ten times. Then you'll have enabled developer mode. Then just force darkmode.

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