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Chicago, IL

Attorney, adjunct prof Northwestern Law, author of "The Lawyer Bubble - A Profession in Crisis," "Crossing Hoffa - A Teamster's Story," and other books. Creator/curator of "Insurrection Timeline," "Pandemic Timeline," and "Trump-Russia-Ukraine Timeline" at Op-eds and columns include: NY Times, The Hill,, Dan Rather's News & Guts, Common Dreams, American Lawyer. Numerous TV and radio appearances.

27 Posts

  1. Northwestern Trustees: Your fiduciary duty is to the university, not to a billionaire donor's vanity project. Speak up now, or....
  2. Another NU scandal in the making:
  3. My latest op-ed on the Ryan Field debacle appears in the Chicago Sun-Times:
  4. The growing scandal at Northwestern University:
  5. It's not just legacy admissions. Will the NU football scandal push the university in a better direction?
  6. A botched campaign announcement is the least of his problems:
  7. Republican voters may be stunned to see what they're voting for:
  8. Jimmy Hoffa and my father.
  9. Think Fox learned its lesson? Think again.
  10. TRUMP INDICTED! Trump's worst nightmare has begun. And it won't end any time soon. Here's my recent interview about the development on Radio Parallax.
  11. Bret Stephens created a mess. The NYT tried to clean it up, and then made it worse.
  12. The real story of Jim Jordan's "weaponization" committee:
  13. NYT columnist Bret Stephens has done serious damage to public health. Here's how:
  14. An interview that cuts through the Republican lies and hypocrisy surrounding the debt-limit controversy:
  15. Who will step up? The sooner the better.
  16. Why Biden’s Documents Problem Will - Ultimately - Help Democrats

    For Democrats, the silver lining in the Biden documents controversy is that Biden is less likely to seek re-election. If he still decides to run - which would be a colossal mistake - it’s now far more

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