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Writer, journalist, editor, filmmaker, prof. Author of book about Lee Harvey Oswald, "The Gunman & His Mother." Articles/essays seen in Washington Post, New Yorker, Smithsonian, New Republic, New York Times and many others. Writing/publishing America, America on politics and society, democracy and justice: Opinions here: solely mine.

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  1. Snapshot: Alito Refuses to Recuse Himself, Of Course

    By Steven Beschloss Once again, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito blames his wife. Once again, he refuses to take responsibility for the anti-government flags that flew over his family’s Virginia house and New Jersey vacation home. This is in response to the growing pressure to r
  2. In Honor of True Patriotism

    By Steven Beschloss Is there a greater act of patriotism than sacrificing your life for your country? Every Memorial Day, we are asked to consider that ultimate sacrifice. It shouldn’t be the only day, of course, but at the end of the Civil War the idea of honoring fallen soldiers
  3. Can Joe Biden Crack the Trump Puzzle?

    By Steven Beschloss I count myself among those who have trouble fully grasping the fact that tens of millions of Americans believe in the Trump strongman persona—and are ready to toss away democracy by voting for a criminal defendant who yearns to rule as a dictator. Do they reall
  4. The Danger of Normalizing Trump

    By Steven Beschloss This week Donald Trump posted on Truth Social a 30-second video with fake newspaper headlines noting “Trump Wins!” and asking “What’s next for America?” Included in the related imagery was a reference to “German industrial strength” and “the creation of a unifi
  5. Abusing Their Power and Position

    By Steven Beschloss Yesterday morning I had other ideas percolating for my Friday essay. Then three breaking stories made what you are about to read unavoidable, including news of Nikki Haley’s plan to vote for Donald Trump and another anti-government flag flying at another house
  6. Alito, Ethics and the Scourge of Arrogance

    By Steven Beschloss His wife did it. The neighbor made her do it. It’s not his fault. This is the basic defense of Samuel A. Alito, Jr., a justice of the United States Supreme Court. You’ve probably heard the basic details of this terrible tale. It goes like this: Several days ago,
  7. Where Would You Travel Back in Time?

    I’ve always wished I had the chance to meet Abraham Lincoln, maybe when he was a budding lawyer in Springfield, Illinois, or debating Stephen A. Douglas during his (unsuccessful) run for senator of Illinois in 1858. Or perhaps five years later when he delivered the profound Getty
  8. We Have Been Warned

    By Steven Beschloss On Tuesday, Mike Johnson, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and second in line to the presidency, stood outside the Manhattan criminal courthouse and trashed the U.S. judicial system. He trashed the presiding judge’s character and his ability to be fa
  9. Normalizing a Trump rally is media malpractice

    By Steven Beschloss Today’s installment of our short video series “Media Misses” looks at how the Associated Press failed to mention the most offensive aspects of Donald Trump’s rally last weekend in Wildwood, N.J. AP also bought into a clearly bogus crowd estimate, serving the go
  10. Speaker Mike Johnson’s violation of our judicial system with his attacks against a witness in an American courtroom and his condemnation of a legitimate judicial proceeding is chilling. Remember this day. If his party expands its power and criminal defendant Trump gets back into
  11. Snapshots from Democracy's Edge

    By Steven Beschloss For Mother’s Day, President Joe Biden’s words reminded me how important it is to have national leaders bringing out the best in people by emphasizing values that seek cohesion and well-being: “Today, we show gratitude to moms and mother-figures for loving their
  12. What Dreams Have Come True for You?

    By Steven Beschloss When I was very small , no more than five, I would lay in my bed as darkness descended and listen to the distant rumble of freight trains. That sound came from maybe a mile or two from my family’s home near Chicago, and it led me to imagine the world outside. On
  13. Trump Republicans Won't Decide America's Fate

    By Steven Beschloss This was a tough week for voters who believe we have the right to know whether the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party is guilty in three cases involving stolen classified documents, election interference in Georgia and inciting the January 6 insurrecti
  14. Democracy is Not the Top Priority at The New York Times

    By Steven Beschloss Today’s installment of our 5-minute video series “Media Misses” looks at New York Times ’ executive editor Joe Kahn’s interview in which he says the preservation of democracy is not the biggest issue for the Times . Kahn makes the questionable statement that immi
  15. How Much Lying Can You Tolerate? (audio)

    By Steven Beschloss Dear Friend, On this Holocaust Remembrance Day , I’d like to take a moment to share with you the heartfelt words of President Joe Biden delivered at the U.S. Capitol’s Emancipation Hall. This was an opportunity to remember what happened, to assert that forgetting
  16. The Roiling Body Politic

    By Steven Beschloss Across the country, over 2,000 pro-Palestinian protestors have faced arrest on dozens of college campuses, causing turmoil and flashes of violence as the schools prepare for graduation. At the risk of suspension, expulsion and felony charges, many of these stud
  17. How Much Lying Can America Tolerate?

    By Steven Beschloss It still boggles the mind. Over the course of the Trump presidency, The Washington Post chronicled over 30,000 lies—30,573 to be exact. That is an average of about 21 a day. And as those four years unfolded, the “false claims” became more frequent: An average o
  18. “God help us,” former Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly said of his former boss. “It will take more than divine intervention to ensure a man like this never sees the inside of the Oval Office again. It will take all of us—and tens of millions of others who decide that they will vote
  19. How Unfit? Dangerously Unfit

    By Steven Beschloss Time magazine put Donald Trump on its cover this week with an unavoidable title: “If He Wins.” What readers find inside and online is a detailed article that largely matches the dangers plotted by “Project 2025” and its authoritarian agenda to move the country
  20. A Matter of Character (audio)

    By Steven Beschloss Dear Friend, I’m happy to be sharing this audio version of Monday’s post (read aloud by me) with the plan of producing these more regularly in the coming months as we head toward the November elections. These are an extra benefit for paid subscribers. Since Monda

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