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Former journalist, now working in SEO. I also write murder mysteries. Interested in news, science, religion, philosophy, books, beer, Godzilla. Hoping to have civil conversations.

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  1. Cops and prosecutors using junk “science.”
  2. He should resign. Or the party should kick him out. Santos is a waste of space.
  3. Worth a look …
  4. Photo by @blowithand Lop Buri, Thailand #Buddhism
  5. The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom. — Isaac Asimov
  6. I will be checking this out.
  7. This is worth a follow, y’all.
  8. Yes, discourse has nose-dived in recent years. And yes, we can do better.
  9. Hello there ladies and gentlemen, hello there ladies and gents, are you ready to rock? Are you ready to rock?

    I just joined Post, and plan to poke around here a bit before I post much. So far, it seems pretty cool and intuitive as far as the UX goes. Extra shout out to anyone who gets the band reference in my

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