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Steve Holdsworth


Forester working in the UK and overseas

Manoeuvres with difficulty through the art, science and sport of forestry, road cycling, wine, music and so on and so forth. Acting in a personal capacity.

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  1. Notre Dame Restoration Project

    The conservation of #forests producing #wood, as part of the restoration of historical sites. Without the conservation of the French producing oak groves, the restoration of #NotreDame would not be pos
  2. Batteries from Trees?

    Batteries that come from #trees ? As demand for #ElectricVehicles soars, scientists are searching for materials to make #sustainable batteries #climate #science Read here:
  3. Similar chill/ vibe from DuffyDog this evening.
  4. Thanks for sharing
  5. Introduction

    I'm Steve. A forester managing #trees, #woods and #forests here, in the UK and overseas. Mostly working on climate resilience and how trees cope with, and can help us cope with, an ever changing en

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