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I'm a writer, mostly working in sci-fi/fantasy. I provide beta reading, editing, and review services. I also have a podcast, Stephen Talks.

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  1. Did you know that #LeapDay is also #Superman 's birthday? What do you get for the man who has everything?
  2. By Daniel Dale, CNN Former President Donald Trump is facing two prosecutions brought by a federal special counsel and two prosecutions brought by local district attorneys . Trump claimed on social media on Monday that all four prosecutions violate strict Justice Department rules, s
  3. BREAKING: Illinois judge orders Donald Trump to be removed from primary ballot, but gives him time to appeal
  4. The Supreme Court stalled Trump’s federal election trial while weighing his immunity bid, a blow to Jack Smith's effort to bring him to trial this year. Read more
  5. We've got another one for the "Poor Billionaire" file.
  6. By Martha McHardy Anti-Donald Trump super PAC the Lincoln Project has released a new video rounding up the former president’s most recent gaffes in its latest attack on the GOP frontrunner. The group released a video titled “ Donald Trump ’s Weekend in 101 Seconds”, detailing several
  7. By Eric Bradner and Gregory Krieg, CNN Joe Biden and Donald Trump won their respective primaries in Michigan on Tuesday, but a glance under the hood of the results reveals serious concerns for both campaigns as they pivot to a likely November rematch that is looking more volatile
  8. Don't get so caught up in what's not happening in Congress that you ignore what is happening in state legislatures. Florida suspends bill seeking to allow lawsuits over fetuses’ deaths after IVF ruling (
  9. This one may actually break the bank for Donald Trump. This time, Trump’s going to have to pay his own bills (
  10. Monica Lewinsky is the face of fashion brand Reformation's third election campaign to encourage voting in the upcoming presidential election. By Naledi Ushe, USA TODAY Monica Lewinsky is using her notable name to bring attention to voter registration and participation in a in a sus
  11. What makes a biological male a biological male doesn't entirely depend on the Y chromosome. Eventually, we may not even need it: The Y chromosome is disappearing. Here’s what it means for men (
  12. It's never enough for some people. First abortion, then IVF… and now birth control? (
  13. It's almost 70F in Virginia Beach today. Not good weather for February, but good weather for jogging.
  14. Always speak up.
  15. So, I was taking a walk, thinking about my next story's main character, and I found myself trapped in a loop: #Writing #WritingMemes #WritingCommunity #Writer #WritersOfPost #WritersLife
  16. Maybe we should hire some teachers to teach the United States Congress some sex ed. courses. Republicans Increasingly Reveal They Barely Know Where Babies Come From (
  17. Something's always bugged me about the argument that "illegal immigrants are jumping the line", and I think I finally know what it is: If your problem is that they moved to the front of the line when they should be in the back of the line, then you're still saying you think they
  18. Yes, raise taxes. On billionaires. A lot.
  19. Like with all retired Republican politicians, I can't wait to hear what Ronna McDaniel has to say about her party once she's no longer trying to keep her job.
  20. You Are Old, Joseph Biden

    I'm not (really) a poet, and I'm not a Joe Biden "stan". But, I am a big fan of Lewis Carroll, and once the idea for this poem occurred to me, I just had to write it out: "You are old, Joseph Biden," the young man said, "And your hair has become very white; And yet, you are runnin

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