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International Bestselling Author of the Shadow Warriors & Lion of God thriller series. Winner of 2022 Best Indie Book Award for Action.

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  1. Steven Crowder and the DailyWire deserve each other.
  2. “If the history of our nation is to teach us anything, it should be that it’s not enough to simply say of evil, ‘That’s not my doing.’ One either stands in its way, or is found complicit in its deeds.
  3. PHILOCLEON. What! our pay is not even a tithe of the State revenue? BDELYCLEON. Why no, certainly not. PHILOCLEON. And where does the rest go then? BDELYCLEON. To those who say: "I shall never betray
  4. Things people say before a genocide: "It's not our fight." "This time is different." Things people say after a genocide: "Never again."
  5. It's perfectly reasonable to argue that it might not be in the national interest of the United States to give Volodymyr Zelenskyy everything he asks. (Though it's hard to seriously contend that disembo
  6. I see Matt Walsh found himself in front of a mirror once again.
  7. Finished on the drive across Montana (while my wife was spelling me): Brad Taylor's ' "The Forgotten Soldier." A truly fantastic thriller that cuts to the heart of the Taskforce universe.
  8. Seneca approves.
  9. Drove five hours across Montana this morning and am now bunkered down for Christmas: Part I, snatching a few stray minutes to work on the manuscript for #NoGameforHeroes. The Lion of God series has re
  10. I was probably seven years old when I first saw this picture of US Army soldiers marching in the snow, wrapped up in buffalo hide coats, and marveled at the frozen wasteland that surrounded them. A cou
  11. Listening to the National Academic Choir of Ukraine perform Tchaikovsky's "Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom" tonight. Such a beautiful tribute to such an influential Christian thinker whose work I've ben
  12. Sharing from my colleague Ward Larsen. #FactActual
  13. Greetings, everyone. It's good to be here with you all as other places (cough, cough) descend further into chaos.

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