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So this is where the cool people went.

Fort Worth, Texas

Scottish/Canadian expat currently in Fort Worth, Texas.

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  1. My in-laws are from Kansas but I don’t like the Chiefs … or the Eagles. Guess I’ll be watching the Super Bowl for the commercials, Rihanna and the chicken wings.
  2. Wrexham is America’s team.
  3. Looking for light entertainment?
  4. Not nominated for best original song. Robbed.
  5. My latest newsletter covers Bob Dylan revisiting Time Out of Mind, R.E.M.'s Bill Berry making a thunderous return to actions and a bunch of Britpoppers in middle age.
  6. Wow. Not entirely unexpected, but still. #Everton #EPL #Lamps #sacked
  7. I’m halfway through this book and don’t want it to end.
  8. Here's a link to download this morning's full CNN interview about @thedavidcrosby. I was bedeviled by audio delay, and I ran on too long, so Don finally had to cut me off. But I said some things about
  9. Excellent TV for the fan or layman:
  10. Goodnight sweet prince…
  11. From David Crosby’s first and best solo album. Or, The Grateful Dead with a real vocalist (don’t @me Deadheads).
  12. Croz

    So many folks I follow (@michiana) are paying fine tribute to the ineffable, insufferable Croz, who fell out with everyone. A national treasure who lived long and well till the untimely end.
  13. How long is it? Not long enough.

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