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Stephen Rhodes


Politics Geek & Twitter Refugee

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Writer, Reader, Nerdist, History/Politics Geek, Husband to Lynn, Father of Five, Seeker of a More Just Society, Hopeful Existentialist, He/Him

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  1. As someone who came of age during the Apollo missions, I can’t believe how excited I am for the Artemis era. #Artemis2 #NASA
  2. About time.
  3. Choosing People, Not The Gun Culture Of Death

    In moments of crisis where the choice before us is real human beings or lofty esoteric principles — always choose your fellow humans. In the Gospel according to Jesus, he revealed the nature of God in love and compassion. He chose the little ones. In our current crisis over the p
  4. Happy Opening Day everyone! #PlayBall
  5. A friend of mine on Facebook posted this. It’s pretty on point.
  6. Post & Community

    I think that the only way to grow community here on Post is for us to go ahead and begin posting as if we already have significant numbers of followers. And of course responding to posts that others make. If we wait for other folks to take the initiative, we may be waiting a whil
  7. Now officially verified here on Post. Suck it, Musk!
  8. What I Hope For On Post

    As a Twitter refugee who hopes to find a lasting home here on Post, I hope that this platform’s developers will look at making this a place for more interaction between users. One of the reasons I stayed on Twitter for so long was the constant interaction with so many different p
  9. In 1791, the Second Amendment was written. In 1847, the bullet was invented. Thus, the Second Amendment only applies to muskets.
  10. Me and my granddaughter Ellie.
  11. This is true.
  12. A Beginning

    It’s becoming clearer by the day that there is no future for Twitter — at least for someone like me. Starting today I will begin transitioning from that platform to this one. This is not so much an ending — though I have been on Twitter for ten years — but more about making a new
  13. Currently reading about the John Birch Society and how its influence continues to influence the GOP and modern conservatism. So much of MAGA can be seen in the heyday of the JBS from its founding in 1958 through its waning days in the 1970s. I highly recommend it.
  14. It’s the weekend, what are you reading?

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