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I work with digital stuff - but some day, I’m gonna be a real writer.

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  1. George is in the house!
  2. Back at the office after a week in the land of the living dead. (Was it covid? IDK, didn't test. But I think it may have been…)
  3. Beautiful day here in Gothenburg, Sweden. The sun is shining straight into my face – but I don't want to draw the blinds!
  4. Explain the status of ChatGPT as a sea otter. Squeak squeak! Sorry, ChatGPT is very popular right now. Please try again later! Squeak squeak!
  5. Read in one of my newsletter this morning about the Youtuber Pewdiepie (he is Swedish, just like me…). His figures for the first four months of the fiscal year: 50 MSEK turnover (that's about 5 MUSD)
  6. I really should be studying for my exam next week. But I’m watching a documentary about stock market bots instead.
  7. My intern got herself a job! I'm relieved. And a little proud (although I never doubted).
  8. So, Post is really nice looking, stable and all. But I really miss a better way of finding content and people – hoping those are on the top of the roadmap!
  9. Wow. The whole Elon-Twitter thing IS actually turning into a slow motion train accident.
  10. Hello #sweden #sverige anybody here?
  11. Jingle bells- the jazzy version. Woke me up!
  12. Ok. This looks promising!

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