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  1. Bless his heart
  2. If you are just joining Post, welcome. If you are ready to fight to protect democracy, thank you.
  3. 5 million uninsured people are eligible for FREE ACA Marketplace plans. 2023 open enrollment deadline is January 15 in most states.
  4. Well, this is a horror. h/t @ianbremmer
  5. Seattle School District sues platforms for youth mental health crisis. Overdue…
  6. The #Jan6 Committee website is gone but the materials are still publicly available. Links are below 👇 but the information is from the following:
  7. Last year, Democrats and progressives won two-thirds of the voting and election cases they were involved in. Republicans and conservatives won only 20% of the time.
  8. Karma is a _____.
  9. If Kevin McCarthy wants to know if everyone is laughing with him or at him, it is definitely at him.
  10. Plant novice looking for help

    This Peace Lily was a gift to my father 17 years ago shortly after he was diagnosed with cancer that he would likely not survive. But survive he did, as has this lily. Unfortunately, during the massiv
  11. Term limits term limits term limits term limits term limits term limits term limits term limits. CONGRESSIONAL TERM LIMITS, SCOTUS TERM LIMITS. ALL THE TERM LIMITS. Supreme Court Crisis of Legitimac
  12. Welcome all refugees from the defunct avian, ex bird, no longer living bird site.
  13. What’s that? …just President Biden signing over 60 bills earlier today. Democrats are getting the job done, despite the opposition. Let’s keep moving forward in 2023 and fight for ALL Americans.
  14. Authorities in Washington state are asking for surveillance or other video as they investigate what has been called deliberate damage to power substations that left more than 14,000 customers without
  15. Ruby is pleased with our sheet selection. #postpets #adoptdontshop #fosterfail #dogsofpost

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