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  1. By Rachel Sharp Joe Rogan has been left red-faced after he incorrectly blamed one of Donald Trump ’s gaffes on President Joe Biden . The controversial podcast host went on a rant on his show this week, mocking the Democratic president for making “no sense at all” and questioning his
  2. I have obtained a copy of the plaintiff's 67-page appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court to keep Trump off the ballot pursuant to §3 of 14th Amendment of the Constitution before it hits the docket. As soon as I have a link to a court-stamped copy, I'll provide it. For now, I wanted
  3. Let's talk about Rolling Stone, and now ABC, CNN and NBC's confirmation that the three statutes mentioned in donald trump's target letter from Special Counsel for 1/6 include: Witness Tampering Conspiracy to Defraud the US and Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law First, the Consp
  4. CHATTANOOGA: “School plays have become the latest battleground…” NYT article on school plays censorship thanks to the raging (anti-drag) culture war features the @McCallieSchool, among others.

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