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Stefan Resists MAGA


Stefan Resists MAGA

San Diego

Biden/Harris deliver. MAGA GOP is a danger To America. Love animals and people with decency, humor and a good heart. Stand for equality, freedom and democracy. Slava Ukayini.

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  1. The only way to heal a “broken nation“ is by holding traitors and criminals accountable. #IndictTrump
  2. This is today’s Republican Party: Questions not welcome. Only response is bullying & violence. Vote responsibly.
  3. Fox Lies

    There is free speech. And then there is false, divisive, incendiary speech poisoning the masses. It’s NOT the same and it’s dangerous. #DropFox
  4. For clarity: Donald Trump is a grifter, gangster and fraud. Mike Flynn is a traitor, and so is Meadows. JFK Jr is dead. Fox News is NOT news. McConnell is an obstructionist. Bannon is a destructionist. Carlson is a cancer. Putin is a plague. Ginni is nuts. Pence is a putz. And De
  5. Welcome, Lisa. I followed you here and on Twitter. :-)
  6. First post on Post

    Hi all. With the writing on the wall that Twitter will soon falter, I thought I’d give Post a try. I’m using the same name and handle and hope to re-connect with my Twitter followers over here. 😊🙏

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