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Political Scientist at Colorado State University. Immigrant 🇵🇱🇨🇦🇺🇸. Huge fan of ⚽ and 🐕.

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  1. My conclusion so far is that this platform, though better than Mastodon, also mostly sucks. Seems that the replacement for Twitter is still Twitter
  2. On the anniversary of January 6th insurrection, it is easy and not entirely unwarranted to be gloomy and pessimistic about the state of American politics. In The Conversation, we write with Matt Leven
  3. We frequently mourn the death of local news, and highlight that the watchdog role of the press disappears when the news disappears. But the George Santos story highlights a frequently overlooked facto
  4. I really hate this framing. There is nothing intellectually conservative about these 20 Republicans, and we need to find language that reflects that.
  5. Ukraine's survival, Zelensky's triumphant speech - none of this was inevitable. Let's try to imagine what would have happened if the US and Europe had not helped Ukraine, if Russia had occupied the co
  6. The issue with this platform, and with Mastodon, is that a sizable chunk of the content is just screenshots of tweets.
  7. Huge news - Electoral Count Act reform is going into the omnibus bill and will be voted on this week
  8. There was little to no World Cup content on this here website. My feed, even though I primarily follow social scientists, so far is mostly dominated by boomer political memes and "Occupy Democrats"-st
  9. Now that journalists are being purged on Twitter, we will likely see an exodus. Where the journalists go will partly determine what replaces Twitter: Post, Mastodon, something else?
  10. I can't believe that handing a narcissistic manchild the keys to a insanely complex social media ecosystem, letting him fire everyone, and then turning him loose to make unstable-mood-based moderation
  11. Nationalization of American politics continues
  12. Less than three weeks until 2023
  13. Much to my disappointment, people are also posting their Wordle's on this platform
  14. This is super lame, Post.
  15. Ok, with Chief Twit losing his marbles completely, its time to make a more permanent home here.
  16. Nobody has tipped me yet, this platform is broken
  17. So far this here website kinda feels like Facebook minus the clutter
  18. Ok, this already looks a thousand time better than Mastodon. Are there lists of accounts to follow? Communities? How does this site even work? Sorry, I'm used to exclusively posting on livejournal.

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