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Lifelong champion of workers’ rights

Toronto and Boston

Employment law, labour law. • Secular Humanist. • Separation of church and state. • Unfettered participatory Democracy 💐 Compassion, loving kindness, sympathy and equanimity 💐 Help the Helpless and the Refugee 💕 💕 💕 Greek person wandering this world

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  1. A GREENE NEW DEAL Whiplash: Marjorie Taylor Greene Transitions from a Fool to Russia’s Useful Tool Mike Johnson is no longer Russia’s No.1 favorite, he’s been replaced by Greene, who was once roundly mocked on Russian TV. My latest for @thedailybeast
  2. The annual National Prayer Breakfast elevates religion - one particular religion: Christianity - over all other religions and over non-religion. To be a truly inclusive society we have to stop being so exclusive. It’s time to stop the National Prayer Breakfast.
  3. “Putin could fall, Russia’s army could collapse, or Ukraine might win - all these are possible.” How the War in Ukraine Could End Sooner Than Expected
  4. By Dan Whitcomb (Reuters) - A federal judge on Thursday ordered former U.S. President Donald Trump and his attorneys to pay more than $937,000 in sanctions for suing former Secretary of State Hillary C
  5. "Some at the White House remain furious at Garland and other Justice Department officials, saying the attorney general named a special counsel to pursue Biden even after they did everything his depart
  6. "Noncompetes suppress wages, reduce competition and keep innovative ideas from breaking into the market. ... lead to higher prices for consumers. "Noncompetes are the type of restriction that Section 5
  7. Social Security.
  8. Jeffries governs in poetry, Biden in grace — and the GOP in thuggishness. @JRubinBlogger gets it right. Must read. Also, must read @RepJeffries' magnificent speech and listen to a pitch perfect delive
  9. My latest "The Courts Protected Democracy in 2022" will be published in the morning. Subscribe now.
  10. House Republicans are proposing in the rules package to DEFUND the Office of Congressional Ethics at a time when George Santos enters Congress with an ethical cloud hanging over him. So much for draini
  11. "The House is a majoritarian institution, and a speaker’s power is ultimately derived from the ability to produce the 218 minimum votes needed to do business. If Republicans are unable to muster the v
  12. I am so happy to see fellow lawyers Teri Kanefield and Mimi Rocah writing about the January 6 blockbuster below tonight. When I found this shocking text (below) a couple days ago, I thought it should b
  13. tl;dr — Science education needs to adapt to a world of misinformation on social media and beyond. Today, prominent antivaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tweeted the ridiculous claim that as director of th
  14. 🚨BREAKING: Arizona court DENIES @KariLake's election contest lawsuit. Congratulations to Gov-Elect @katiehobbs. Proud of the amazing job by @Abha_Khanna_, @LaliMadduri, @ChristinaA_Ford, and the enti
  15. "Trump used the frustration, anger – this domestic hate that's going on right now, and harnessed it for his own good for his own purposes," says Former impeachment manager and DoJ vet Rep. Stacey Pla
  16. Traditionally, I have always celebrated a sort of rolling holiday from late November through the first week of January. Struggling to come up with a name & keep it short & simple: “Happy Gift-Giving-a
  17. “Watch us.” Zelenskyy’s historic speech before Congress was also a speech for an audience of 1 in Russia: Vladimir Putin. “We do hope he was watching it, and we do hope he hated it,” says Ukrainian M

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