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Boston Nana


Boston Nana, Stunned by the State of the Planet.

Retired civil servant, Trying to pay attention, find facts avoid drama. World traveler grounded since 2020. I am not fatigued by any of what's going on. I am furious. Support Humans rights, includes womens health, LGBTQIA, Equal rights, Billionaire Patriarchy will drive this bus straight to Gilead. RESIST.

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  1. Click$ MSM feeds on click$. The new improved "if it bleeds it leads". Deplorable.
  2. #Ukraine #UkrainianChildren #US #StandWithUkraine
  3. This
  4. This
  5. It's strange and sad and revealing and logical to see Twitter crash and burn. It's a network of communication that the authoritarian-minded would naturally want to seize and control. It's a den of nas
  6. McCarthys' life long dream of being #Speaker after 15 votes, is starting out well. #Politics #PostPolitics #GOP

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