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Baseball... there is no substitute.

Acoustician, love my wife, family, Baseball, Hockey, The Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks,Bulls, Mr. Beef and Lou Malnatis. Connoiseur of mustards. Pro Audio for 35 years. Late Night Social Mediaist, Chicago born and raised, NY since 2000.

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  1. Weird drug name of the day: Cibinqo
  2. DeSantis is not going to allow the woke mob to take your stove. Next up, he's going to ban meat inspections and, restaurant employees will no longer have to wash their hands before returning to work a
  3. They didn't want the Tetons to become a National Park. Fought it for decades. Now it's on their license plate.
  4. Jake Tapper guests on his new republican talking points hour... Greg Abbott and Paul Ryan. Both on the same day. JFC.
  5. I loveDre.
  6. 1st IPhone introduced on 1/9/2007. I was using a Blackberry back then. Remember those?
  7. Sorry. 😳 I'll show myself out.
  8. Why didn't they start the 10th vote with a runner on 2nd?
  9. Released 55 years ago today. Recorded at Capitol, L.A. Features The Strangers members James Burton and Glen Campbell on Guitars #Music
  10. Released 42 years ago. Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Steve Winwood. #Music
  11. looks like you might have to answer three riddles first tho 😄😄😄
  12. Zach with 43. Bulls 132 Pistons 118
  13. Explaining the 2022 Chicago Bulls
  14. Drive safely Chicago... beep, beep. Bulls 119 Bucks 113 OT
  15. Sorry, sorry. Trying to delete...
  16. Storytellers from 2000. With Jon Herington on lead guitar and Ricky Lawson on drums. Enjoy...
  17. Did they refer any of the people that ignored subpeonas?
  18. Last piece of steel added to North tower 52 years ago tomorrow.
  19. The original price for the Erie canal was $5,000,000. A 325 mile canal that would transform the entire country financially was opposed by nearly every politician in the country. Jefferson called it ma

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