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Retired Pharmacist living in rural WV. I love all things french, travel, good wine, and good food. I have bees and a rescue dog. I'm married to my wonderful husband.

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  1. Public service announcement....
  2. Is there a Post book club?
  3. My husband took this pic this morning. #prettyview #almostheaven
  4. Gross
  5. I teach at a college now and this is absolutely true!
  6. I love Eggs Benedict. I've seen several posts showing Eggs Benedict, and they reminded me of the time that we went sailing after the hurricane in St. Martin. There was damage to the boat after the hur
  7. 45, 000 * 99.00 = 4,455,000 🤦🏻‍♀️
  8. I like old films and while looking for something to watch found the 1944 film Gas Light. I did not know that the term Gas Light came from the play that inspired the film. This is very interesting in t
  9. Hi Post! We're trying to find all of our Twitter friends on here. Can you please consider RePosting this and join us as we build out our platform on here?
  10. This is so cool.
  11. Took my Mom to the Dr today and her Dr said that Covid and Flu were both rampant right now. This is rural Virginia. Be careful out there!
  12. Is this the oil pipeline that the GOP insisted was going to be environmentally safe?
  13. Charlottesville, Va restaurant recommendations

    Any recommendations for restaurants in Charlottesville, Va? We love the hole in the wall places that have really good food, but would consider other good restaurants.
  14. Just a reminder that Mark Kelly won by MORE than Kyrsten Sinema did as a Democrat in Arizona. He supports a carveout to the filibuster to codify abortion rights and voting rights. We need more Mark Kel
  15. You knew he was a snake..
  16. Stonehenge

    Missing my Dad. I get my love for travel from him. We took a trip through England, Ireland and Wales in 10 days. When you went on a trip with my Dad, you saw a lot and you never stopped. However, we
  17. Hey Peru, lookin’ at you for advice.
  18. After listening to oral arguments in Moore v Harper this morning, I feel a little more hopeful that democracy may, in the words of Marc Elias “dodge a bullet.” 👇

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