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Non-profit small pet rescue

Stacy's Funny Farm is a small pet sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Primarily providing sanctuary for small pets such as guinea pigs, pocket pets, and caged birds, we also care for abandoned ducks and older hens, pigeons and doves. News at Everything you need to know about capybaras at

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  1. Uncle Hamish & Wee Charlotte are looking forward to a Mother's Day shearing! Stay tuned!
  2. #PetsofPost #capybaras
  3. November it was guinea pigs, February it is ducks. You could get whiplash around here. #r escues
  4. My new favorite screensaver
  5. Every once in a while I owe the neighbors an explanation. It's all about quacking this time.
  6. Oh, Wordpress, that is not the featured photo I selected. Scroll through the blog post and you'll be even more confused about what capybaras look like!
  7. Not quite funny, not quite farm.

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