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Legal Writer in Sugar Land, Texas

Law student who loves Ancient Greek and Latin, reads Proust and Tolstoy like the fine rich chocolate they are, and enjoys being a liberal Democrat and dedicated cat mom.

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  1. This beautifully written piece by the great historian of the Civil War, Drew Gilpin Faust, former president of Harvard University, is probably the best thing I have read about the myopic perspective f
  2. Stakes ‘couldn’t be higher’ in Moore v. Harper case says Marc Elias
  3. I'm old enough to remember that respecting and defending the Constitution was the most basic expectation of citizenship, let alone someone running for president. Even after everything we've been throu
  4. Corporate profits hit a record high of $2.1 trillion last quarter. Folks, corporate greed is driving inflation, not workers asking for better wages.
  5. Time to bookmark this?
  6. In Moore v. Harper, the Harper parties received 48 amicus briefs from scholars and leaders fighting against the radical ISL theory. Republicans received just 16 briefs in support of their arguments — m
  7. Stupid seems to be the defense here:
  8. I love this! must share!
  9. Does “Post” stand for post Twitter? Asking for a few million friends.
  10. Sometimes I block the staircase just because it's fun.
  11. The state under kemp that put suppression into the word #black-vote.
  12. Thank you to @themarco for posting this. It absolutely needs to be said. We have a nation of MILLIONS who are either shockingly unaware of history or simply don't believe
  13. An inspiring speech — the latest "Reason To Smile" feature from my Steady newsletter

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