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Jesse Middleton


VC at Flybridge, father, and husband.

Previously I co-founded WeWork Labs, was on the founding team of WeWork, backed 20+ companies as an angel, and led tech at LivePerson. I got my start as a hacker, breaking into startups. Now I back people building startups and big ideas.

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  1. Take a peek at what @switzer is buy with this morning.
  2. Asked ChatGPT for some funnies this morning...

    Not sure if any of you are fans of the “2000 Year Old Man” sketch by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner but I asked for this one too. And I’m done. (With the same level of diligence done on FTX by investors.)
  3. Sharing congratulations to a friend and brilliant leader for formally announcing his new role as CEO of ResortPass today! Congrats, Michael Wolf!
  4. #BREAKING Hakeem Jeffries elected to lead House Dems' next generation
  5. Posting in Post...

    I've been trying to figure out how to balance posting to Twitter (where an existing audience is) and to Post, where a new a burgeoning audience exists. How are you balancing your posts? Are you cross-
  6. #HappyThanksgiving to all! I hope you get to enjoy the day and spend it with friends and family. I know we’ll eat too much but we’ll do it together.
  7. 100% Let’s see where this goes.
  8. My first post includes my son, who got to join me on stage for the first time the other night to speak to a room full of entrepreneurs. What a time. #6yearsold

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