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Just another refugee from the blue bird trying to find my way...

New York, NY

Attorney | Metalhead | Liberal | History Geek | Mesoamerica Stan | Art Geek | | How do we add the blue wave emoji?

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  1. Hi @noam is there / will there be a Dark Mode?
  2. Having some fun with AI artwork...
  3. So true
  4. Damn if this didn't work. I didn't get EVERYONE who replied but I will. But if you see this, boost it and place your name in the replies. Let's build some community. Eventually I'll start my commentary
  5. I feel much calmer on post than on the "old" site. I hope this site will be good for our collective mental health.
  6. OK, here's my beautiful tired Sandy.
  7. Helloooooo everyone!

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