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Observant. Creative. Humorous. Midwestern. Intentionally kindhearted. Decidedly wordy. Charmingly cynical, so I'm told.  Also please note, I write a personal blog found here:

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  1. After a month away from here I've found my way back. I like the look of this place but have yet to remember to drop by daily, weekly even, and say "hi!" So consider this me saying HI!
  2. Apparently you can use hashtags here. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I want them to connect me with other people, it seems like they should, BUT they're so blingy. My spectacled eyes cross
  3. Am checking in hoping that it's hopping around here, BUT I see that it's as quiet as a library on Saturday night. Welp, I can't change that so I'll wave hello and go on my way. Play nice, kids. Eat yo
  4. Hello. I'm here. Are you here too?

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