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Sup! Im 18, they/it, I love writing, music, reading, video games, Marvel, DC, nature, and Sharks :D

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  1. Greenland sharks can grow up to 5m in length and mature extremely slowly, reaching sexual maturity at 150 years old. Through radiocarbon dating, researchers discovered this shark is between the ages o
  2. Dear people who shop at a store: If you encounter a button that calls an associate, LOOK AROUND FOR ONE BEFORE PRESSING THE BUTTON!!!!!! I would rather have someone come up to me and ask for assistanc
  3. If you dont flush the toilet after you use it, thats fucking foul There are very few acceptions
  4. I wonder if Usher gets tired of singing that song
  5. If you dont accept neo/xeno pronouns, you're not a leftist or anything like that.

    Neo/xenopronouns are valid Yall ever realize that we don't use old English anymore? Yeah, thats cause language evolves. And if your argument is "well they're just different names!" ...yes. pronouns are
  6. Posties, please let's avoid using "refugee" language in terms of leaving Twitter. Signed, Child of actual war refugees
  7. glorious! #spiderverse
  8. If you're rude to people who work in the stores, suck my ass.
  9. 不不不不不不不不不
  10. All Republicans exposed here
  11. Yall are rude to people who act differently until you realize they're most likely autistic. /neg
  12. Looking at 'Priceless' paintings and going to art galleries won't matter when the world is on fire, we're starving, and cities are underwater.
  13. Feline Navidad
  14. You can mock Elon Musk targeting Dr. Fauci using transphobia/queerphobia without mocking pronoun usage yourself; otherwise, youre perpetuating anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric.
  15. Yo this is pretty dope

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