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  1. Imagine if Ronald Reagan were president and his administration took drastic measures to keep paying the nation’s bills as #Congress squabbled over the budget and deficit. Would today's Republican Party support him? Well that’s what happened in 1985.
  2. I’m sick and tired of hearing this lie peddled by the GOP and corporate media. Raising the debt ceiling does not increase spending or the federal debt. It simply allows the government to pay bills it has already taken on— and defaulting on the debt would be catastrophic.
  3. Random reminder: You don't grow the economy through trickle down economics. You grow the economy by investing in workers: their education, health care, child care, transportation, and job training.
  4. This week's Wealth & Poverty class brings us to one of the core problems of widening inequality — the inevitability that concentrated income and wealth at the top comes with political power. Just click the link and you're in the class.
  5. Handing Donald Trump a free hour of live prime-time TV to spew lies and hatred is not journalism. It’s not news. It’s entertainment designed to boost CNN’s sagging ratings so network executives can make more money. It’s the height of irresponsibility.
  6. The next time you hear someone say they are “pro-life,” ask them if they support banning assault rifles, or enacting Medicare for All, paid sick leave, universal childcare, and a living wage.
  7. The Supreme Court is facing a serious legitimacy crisis, and failing to hold Clarence Thomas accountable for this latest ethics abuse will only make it worse.
  8. Nothing says the party of "freedom" like banning speech in classrooms, outlawing abortions, and criminalizing gender affirming health care.
  9. What corporate America says: “No one wants to work anymore.” The truth: No one wants to be exploited anymore.
  10. Reminder: Billionaires are not “self-made.” They’re made via a combination of inherited wealth, government subsidies, tax loopholes, labor exploitation, and policy failures. Can we stop perpetuating a myth that blames the wealth gap on the choices of everyday Americans?
  11. A real “pro-life” movement would ban assault rifles while enacting Medicare for All, paid sick leave, universal childcare, and a living wage.
  12. Republicans in Iowa are pushing a bill to roll back child labor protections. It would allow kids as young as 14 to work certain jobs in meatpacking plants. What if…and hear me out…we paid adult workers a living wage and gave them benefits instead of hiring children to work?
  13. This week, more than 70 Republicans in Congress proposed permanently extending the Trump tax cuts. The bill would add an estimated $3 trillion to the deficit. Don't be fooled. Republicans in Congress don't care about the deficit. They want tax cuts for their wealthy donors.
  14. If someone tells you there's nothing we can do about gun violence beyond thoughts and prayers, remind them: — Gun laws in other countries have stopped mass shootings — More guns don't make us safer — A majority of Americans want gun control We don't have to live like this.
  15. Prior to 1982, stock buybacks were considered stock manipulation. It was Reagan's SEC that opened the floodgates to their abuse. Stock buybacks don’t create more jobs. They don't increase wages. They don’t grow the economy. They do one thing: Make corporate execs richer.
  16. Reminder: Raising the debt ceiling does not increase spending or the federal debt. It simply allows the government to pay bills it has already taken on. Know the truth.
  17. Average list price for a unit of insulin: Australia: $6.94 UK: $7.52 France: $9.08 Germany: $11 Canada: $12 Japan: $14.40 US: $98.70 Isn't it time America hold Big Pharma accountable for its extortion?
  18. It is frankly astonishing to read about how billionaires can get away with paying a lower tax rate than teachers, nurses, and firefighters. Is this really the kind of country we want to live in?
  19. One of the biggest reasons the federal debt has exploded is that tax cuts on the rich have reduced government revenue. The 400 richest American families paid a tax rate of 3.4 percent between 2014-2018, while the rest of America paid an average tax rate of 13.3 percent. Reduce the
  20. Never forget this: The GOP’s nonsensical culture war is meant to distract you from corporate corruption, worker oppression, and staggering wealth inequality.

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