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Die-hard Red Sox fan and Liberal Democrat (Boston & Cape Cod), fighting for humanity in a world gone amok. Civil rights, social justice, politics, science, the Arts, Medicine, Law, LIFE. ⚖️⚕⚾️ I'm also a foodie, history buff, dog lover, community organizer, and sci-fi fan. I keep abreast of current events, and enjoy stimulating discussion on same. But I also love to laugh -- and so, you'll often find me engaged in light-hearted conversation, as well. I hope to be able to do both, with old friends and new, here on Post News. (Twitter: @SoxOnTheBrain)

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  1. #JackSmith strikes back. 💥 "there is no First Amendment right to publicize the discovery materials provided to defendant to help him prepare his defense" [ Read the full response ] #Trump #Indictment #Justice

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