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If that even is my real name.

A stone gravy boat in Montana

He/Him/His Best monosyllabic word: slacks Best polystllabic word: appendices Getting very tired of billionaire bullshit.

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  1. @authorkimberley @bobcesca You both need to watch what Buzz seems to call "all the stuff, all around, right now" or something. The most mudane things be
  2. This movie starts so mundane and then becomes so fantastic yet maintains its heart. Regardless of how ridiculous some things are, you connect. It is amazing.
  3. Drag queen is an infinitely more honorable profession than Republican congressman.
  4. “I introduced a bill known as the SANTOS Act — the Stop Another Non Truthful Office Seeker Act. It will punish fraudulent candidates who tell lies to voters. ” "Elise Stefanik said that Republicans are
  5. how do I know that Donald Trump helped plan the failed insurrection in Brazil? because it fucking failed, that's how I know
  6. That's the eleventh ballot. The confederate flag comes out on the thirteenth.
  7. I want this to take so damn long with so many votes that each Rep-elect will have a chance to give a nomination speech.
  8. Of course they don't. That's not all they don't understand. I can't say this any more clearly. None of the antivaxx doctors you see on social media and cable news, especially FOX News are legitimate e
  9. Muted my first account on here. I hate the people that wish to destroy this country. I love the people who want to improve it. If you are an "improver" who just wants to throw shit, then you aren't do
  10. This is how gross the GOP are. They claim this isn't about identity or personality. Are they nominating Donalds because they assume the Dems just want to vote for a Black man? Everyone in the room (no
  11. @buzzburbank @bobcesca The GOP is so opposed to abortion and contraception they don't even have a Plan B for this Speaker vote.
  12. This a kind understatement. Ivermectin has been conclusively proven to be worthless. Any physician recommending Ivermectin for COVID is deviating from the standard of care and should be held accountab
  13. OMG, Marge 3 Names/3 Toes goes after Boebert, Perry, Gaetz, Good. It's absolute chaos, w RW Dingo on RW Dingo violence. As I told my then 8 yr old when we watched Revenge of the Sith: Siths attack ea
  14. Please share this alert to find this beautiful little girl. #BlackPost
  15. Charlie Kirk is a disgusting piece of human garbage.
  16. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when h
  17. Always welcome!
  18. Pweets? Poots? Posts? That last one seems too on the nose. Hi. Nice to already see kind people who don't tolerate bullshit. This was a good idea.

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