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Susannah Ortego


Overly earnest and avid observer

Migrant from Twitterverse and devoted to political & social news, commentary and analysis with special aversion to disinformation; as former editor/journalist, am adamantly concerned about failures of current media who also holds a strong belief that people that dogs don't like are not to be trusted.

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  1. In style and substance, Biden's immigration speech was outstanding. Where's the coverage?

    My husband and I were both enthralled by the depth and outstanding delivery of the immigration speech Joe Biden made last night. In both style and substance, it was such a damned good response to all
  2. This Georgia resident found this to be inspiring!
  3. #TeamPete peeps - we just voted for Warnock in northern GA (MTG district) where there were 972 cast since polls opened in Murry County yesterday. It will be interesting to see what percentage of peopl

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