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  1. Settle your mind.
  2. Start your Monday off with a bang.
  3. Unfortunate delay

    I served in the USArmy in South Korea for 12 months back in the '80s. Rumor was that roadside vendors sold BBQ dog meat on a stick outside the army posts on the DMZ.
  4. Music can inspire
  5. Everything I've got is done and pawned. That's life, sister.
  6. Stunning.
  7. Dance break
  8. A chilly gray morning.
  9. Fascist push polls

    Several times per week I receive text links to surveys designed to get me to hate the place that I live, and raise a call for strident authoritarian policies. The sponsors include the Washington Republicans, the Seattle Police Officers Guild, and the Association of Washington Bus
  10. As autumn progresses the sunny patch in the front yard gets smaller. She likes to sit in the sun and watch the children walk home from school.very stimulating.
  11. This is Ginger Rey #dogsofpost
  12. Update
  13. Why people say there was no good music in the '70s.
  14. When the DJ played this song everyone in the disco got up and danced.
  15. Summertime. We are having a delicious summer here in Seattle.
  16. Groove motivation -
  17. I'm guessing that Post (and Mastodon) will be sidelined after this Threads app debut. Unless it's just a truly terrible app
  18. Likely what happened. What a clustef***. It sucks for me because I had just discovered Twitter about 3 months before Musk purchased, and I was enjoying it ... Sort of love/hate thing.
  19. Why am I only getting USA Today and Vanity Fair under the news tab? Is that for real?

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