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  1. Dressed the Xmas Tree Ho Ho Ho
  2. Return to Sender The Republicans biggest loser in History. Flopped in 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022 - here's looking to you 2024 😀
  3. Far right being told to do one is not there yet but it is on its way!

    For years, any and all opposition to the reactionary right was greeted with a single refrain: “You lost. Get over it.” It wasn’t enough just to win: they wanted to trample the losers into the dust, an
  4. patriarchal suppressors need to confront their misogynistic toxicity and do one just sayin'
  5. Playing this tune for decades, racist be racist
  6. Fact

    Women for centuries have been given the responsibility for men’s behaviour. It is a control mechanism used by a patriarchal world to force us to conform. It is passé and it is ill-advised. We must no
  7. This 👇
  8. Follow back seems like a plan

    I am going to follow back everyone that follows me for now. Of course if you end up being a right wing cray cray I reserve the right to unfollow - but - building networks seems like a grand plan, espe
  9. Ugh
  10. A 1970's hot mess at that
  11. Every. Single. Time. They are exhausting
  12. Quietly Devastating
  13. Just Sayin'
  14. This is exciting! I think I am going to like it here

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