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Working towards retirement-left leaning independent, interested in cryptocurrency, pets, and political conversations without the misinformation

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  1. I know that I should feel bad for being so giddy over the House majority’s “dilemma”, but it is just awesome to watch the House GOP tear itself apart! Karma has come full circle!
  2. Oh my joy! Kevin McCarthy losing 2 votes for house speaker, Elon Musk losing even more billions . What a great start to the new year!
  3. So I work nights. What do you listen to to help you fall asleep. So far I’ve been listening to rainfall( but thunder keeps me awake), or soft music. This helps cover up noises that are going on arou
  4. Merry Christmas!
  5. Just finished the last episode of The Recruit on Netflix. Loved it!
  6. Thank you! Your lists have been super helpful!
  7. It will really be nice when I no longer see a post that sends me to Twitter to watch a vid or read an article.
  8. I’m not suprised!
  9. I think this will come in handy!
  10. So happy to join Post and leave all those negative Twitter vibes behind!

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